Work outfit ideas


Work outfit styles with Tie Supply

We had to get this together for you as an article, we all need a helping hand, thinking about that first day back in the office, or first day in general…we got you! Work outfits are a difficult thing to get right so let us give you a couple of easy options to nail it and feel comfortable for when we can get back to our work office desks.

We mean business cardigan style


Image from IAmMrMartinez

This is the personification of class meets casual with a business suit layered with a cardigan perfect for these Winter months but lighten the material and lose the jacket and still ideal for Spring, Autumn and summer, the versatility to this style is wide and far, respect those that know how to pull off this work outfit concept, we also feel the cardigan adds a touch of homeliness to an outfit, that positive emotional reinforcement attached to fashion!

Jumper up with class


Style kings can rock this, we aren’t talking about these full zip up hoodies, we mean that classy third down zip that allows a bridging of the collar and exposing the crisp and classy shirt underneath, mixed with a classic pair of suit trousers or even chinos to finish the look off, of course you can sneak a classy tie to the shirt with a casual ‘four in hand’ knot…we will be creating a tie knot article to show the different styles you can rock as well!

The Henley King with style


We are messing about with this last one, the Henley tee (worn often by the Man, the legend, Alpha M) with a blazer, it’s a powerful look and classes up a casual product, shows off the masculine style and takes it to the next level, exposing that neckline and paired with denim or the complimenting suit trousers, this is a look to take you to the next level!

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