The perfect pairing. Much like “Romeo and Juliet”, “Coffee and cake” or “whiskey and an open fire”, the perfect tie needs the perfect timepiece.

Think about it, you have taken the utmost care to ensure your suit is tailored from the sleeve length to the trouser (pants for all you Americans out there) waist. Your skincare routine is complete, your face moisturised and hair styled. You appreciate the details; this follows through to your accessories.

When looking at watches you should take so much into consideration. The quality of the strap to ensure longevity of use; the details of the watch face and how stylish or sporty the design needs to be. We believe in quality here at Tie Supply, from the products we design, to the care and attention to detail in each delivery, so for us Cornerford is one to trust when it comes to completing the look.

Cornerford designs are based on the glorious 1920s era. They don’t just make incomparable timepieces for men; focused on the whole lifestyle mentality that relates to this as well. They are designed in the UK, just like us here at Tie Supply, why? This connotes quality, things designed in the 20’s era were built to last and taken care of.

Completing your outfit should be a craft, Tie Supply and Cornerford are here to ensure you’re the best version of yourself. Confidence begins with what you wear and thus creates the perfect pairing.