Suits are dead…


Ooo, we know, a controversial title, well, we had to grab your attention in amongst this ‘noise’ from the internet, sadly however, this title isn’t wrong, the suit, as we knew it is changing, developing and adapting to the times and succumbing to fashionable trends!

Newspapers and magazines have posted articles of the decline of the suit, the Financial Times – “Is the suit finally dead?” or Gentlemans Gazette – “Is the suit dying?” have spoken of its demise…it’s a painful realisation, but a necessary one, suits have developed so so much over the years from their boxy and bulky shapes. Our hope is renewed when we see articles like this one from Esquire – “The Suit Is Not Dead. Stop Planning Its Funeral.”… Long live the suit.

The change is a welcome one, beautiful tailoring with slimmer leg and jacket designs, figure forming and making a suit even sexier. Details have been enhanced with many lapel concepts from ‘Peak lapels’ to ‘Shawl lapels’. The variety in fabric types has been fantastic as will, rather than the death of the suit they developed to use more breathable fabrics, more flexible fabrics all thanks to new technologies!

The greatest this has become the accessibility of suit wear, it is not longer for the gentlemen of affluence and wealth but a statement piece affordable by many to feel powerful in themselves, almost a mental toughness though clothing, those saying ‘suits are dead’…we are a long way from such things happening, we are seeing a reinvigoration to the suit world, people being bolder more confident and trying new and exciting style to diversify their wardrobe – this is suitably accompanied with the accessories to pair with your suit, bolder pocket squares, braces of a clip or button nature, bracelets, it is a true overhaul to the suiting world and now resembles and outfit that helps you stand a little taller and prouder, have a look at our range of accessories here.