Rocking a waistcoat

Wearing a waistcoat is a fantastic way to elevate your suit and tie style! It adds a whole new dimension to your suit, they are designed to define your torso and create a smoother finish at the point where your shirt will meet the tuck of the trousers.
Golden rule: Never button up the lowest button of your waistcoat, ironically a story that related to King Edward the VII.

How should your waistcoat fit?

Getting the fit right is paramount to looking your best. A waistcoat should sit close to your body; however, you should not feel restricted by this and when moving there should be minimal to zero pulling on the material. Most waistcoats will come with an adaptable strap at the back which will allow a more tailored appearance. A rule of thumb to work from is your chest size (E.g. 40”) will be the same size for your waistcoat.

Level up your two-piece suit to a three-piece suit

This is the classic matching option to suit up differently, it also allows for easier diversification to your wardrobe. A three-piece suit is ideal for those special occasions like weddings or the races. Select the waistcoat that is provided with the suit and you won’t have any problem matching up the suit pieces.

Now comes your personality to make your three-piece suit pop. The shirt and tie combo should offer a fresh twist to the suit for example a well-tailored three-piece grey suit with complimenting crisp white shirt and bold red tie, pocket square and lapel pin show off your capabilities to style up. You can even ditch the tie and stick with an open collar (if it won’t look out of place to the event your attending) check out our current limited availability box set here.

Style a contrasting waistcoat

We like to call this the three-piece with personality! You’ll bring together contrasting colours and patterns with your suit and waistcoat. One good option is a plain suit with a checked waistcoat or a pinstripe suit with a plain waistcoat.
This is a very powerful option and will help you stand out at your meetings or special events. Be sure to wear a contrasting colour in your tie to add to the layered effect or if that isn’t something your comfortable with, just utilise a complimenting tie set.

Re-work the two-piece

Yes, your two-piece trouser and jacket combo looks great but what about the warmer months? Swap out your jacket for a waistcoat, maintain that formal style but cool yourself down, you’ll still be able to rock the tie and you won’t look out of place in your meeting. Some waistcoats come with a pocket on the side so its easy to dress your style up or down.

A little bit more…we are always here to help you…

  • Make sure that bottom button is always undone as mentioned above, we will write up a new blog post for you to explain why (Hint, it’s all because of King Edward the VII’s insecurities).
  • Waistcoats always have a lining on the back, make sure your shirt doesn’t match this, it can cause colour clashing, however don’t be afraid to show off a bold design, people can be inspired by something as simple as this!
  • If you choose to go with a slim or skinny fit waistcoat, it will have slimmer shoulders, this can create the illusion of bigger muscles – we’ve got your back.