Level up your shirt cuff game


Shirt cuffs, such a small part of a shirt, and yet, so so important! I know right, we were surprised learning about the many types of cuffs that exist as well. We want to share our favourite shirt cuffs with you helping complete that look your putting together in the best way!

Let’s start somewhere useful, like the beginning! We (and others) call it the ‘One Button Cuff’ – it offers a very understated look, often hugs the wrist and doesn’t hang. We consider semi-formal or smart casual looks to be best when it comes to this cuff.


What about levelling up that style of cuff, well, naturally with the ‘One Button Mitered Cuff’ – as we like to call it, the ‘The Dress Up Cuff’, it offers a much more pristine finish and clean-cut look. Classical in its design, offering a very nice presentation style!

One button not enough for you?! We have you covered there as well! The ‘Two Button Cuff’ – you wanted to dress your style up, you came to us, good on you! This absolutely levels up the style of a one buttoned cuff BUT the Mitered cuff still edges this look.


You’ve read with anticipation, waiting for this moment and here is, our star cuff, its known as, ‘The French Cuff’ – THE cuff style to go for when you want to make a statement, a powerful look, ideal for Dinner suits (or Tuxedo’s for all you Americans out there). Crisp and dressy, 100% the way to level up your cuff game, incorporating a pair of stunning cufflinks, a true elevation to style.


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