Layering for Winter

Style in winter when the ice is biting at our toes often takes a backseat, but we are here to help you level up your suit style! Layering, its not just a cooking term for your Victoria sponge cake.

Let’s start with the basics, a simple two-piece grey suit with the stunning Liberty box set from Tie Supply. Now then, lets layer. Get a nice burgundy waistcoat, grab a gorgeous camel finish overcoat, that shaded red scarf, of course. We need to keep the neck warm.  Now it’s the details, a grey finish snow hat with red fusion colours and complimenting gloves to finish it off.

Layering like a pro for Winter.

Keep it bright and fresh with this second layering idea for Winter. Rock a stunning cobalt blue suit, pop on a burgundy shirt, lapel pin from the Liberty style box. Grab a burgundy mac, a pair of leather gloves, simple blue scarf and wear that confidence that you are born with!

We are here to help for your Winter styles!

Layering isn’t easy, of course. Take the time to understand the way colours and materials work and how layers should feel when pieced together. You should never feel overwhelmed but rather excited about how to show off your personality through your layering choices.

Send in your own examples of layering to ‘mail@thetiesupply.co.uk’ with your Instagram handle as the subject line. Help others with their Layering for Winter, be a part of the Tie Supply family!